Garden Office

At Trew Turner we get excited when our customers put forward new and interesting ideas for their garden studio and garden room developments. Whether its a roof top vegetable patch, a sunken space or how to incorporate a gnarly old apple tree into the construction, throw us your ideas and we'll help put them into place. 

This project in Haringey, North London required the garden studio to be sunk into the ground so that the roof could still be used as a garden. We dug out for two weeks to make space and lay the foundation before starting the garden office build.

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Timber Garden Studio

Located in a conservation area in Highgate, North London, we had to wait several months for planning permission before starting.

Once planning was approved we discussed the removal of the Apple tree with the client but they and their cat liked it so much they wanted us to use it as inspiration for the build. We were only too pleased to incorporate it into the design of the garden studio which added a rustic natural character to it.

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