We’ve found the best way to work

With a Trew Turner studio you get something unique. We pride ourselves on working with the clients ideas and creating something different every time. We don’t mass produce the same design off the shelf. We are happy to incorporate all those extra features that make it special, from rooflights to tiled floors with underfloor heating. We Love building bespoke, it keeps it interesting.

We will pre-fabricate your studio as much as we possibly can. We do this in our rural workshop in Essex. If the access is good you would be surprised how much we can do before we even get to your house, even down to fitting power sockets and light fittings. If access isn’t easy then that’s fine, we’ve been building in London for 13 years so we understand how to run a job that has to be moved through the house and we take special care to minimise impact and keep the house clean and tidy.

If access is only through the house we still make the frame in the workshop, constructed in panels that will fit through your house and assemble the flat pack on the other side.

Pre-fabrication not only makes the project cheaper and quicker but it also reduces impact and fuss in your home.