Garden Office

Garden studio project in Haringey, London

This project in Haringey, North London required the garden studio to be sunk into the ground so that the roof could still be used as a garden. We dug out for two weeks and moved all the spoil through the house! 

It's a blockwork build that is rendered and finished with a Wayney edge Oak Fascia board. If you look closely you can see bark on both sides of the Fascia, that tree took some finding! The green roof drains using a modern system and fills a large water butt that can be used  via a tap into the Belfast sink. Additional rainwater trickles through the French Drains around the building and works its way into the double sump pump system.

The bi-fold doors open to enlarge the space and make for a great work environment when the client is restoring furniture. Rooflights shine into the studio and make sure it's never a gloomy space, despite being part basement. All designs and ideas were conceived by Trew Turner with Bea Heslop.