Ceramics Studio

Ceramics Studio

We were contacted by the talented ceramicist Pip Hartle to build a studio for her to create ceramics in, fire products in her kiln and use as a creative space. She pretty much let us drive the job with only two recommends; that it be black in design and have a beautiful ceramic floor, of course!

The build was fairly standard, we poured a trench fill foundation and then block work up to 500mm, these style of timber frames do last longer if they are off the ground and as Pip wanted to stay in her studio for a long time this was the only way.

On top of the blockwork wall sat our 6x2 timber frame walls and roof, which drains to the back of the build and the gutter runs into a soak away. We use a hot torch style flat roof on top as Ash our roofer is an expert in this field and it’s a tried and tested method for us. There are other options of flat roof nowadays; notably EPDM which is very popular at the moment with Architects and alike and we have used it on occasion, but that said we still prefer Hot torch flat roofs.

The next important aspect was the cladding for which we chose a specific barn paint that worked really well and gave the right look. The timber is standard 9x1 Weatherboarding painted Black before installation.

Meanwhile the electrician was running the cable in a trench from the house and installed several double sockets alongside spotlights in the roof cavity.

Once electrics were in we closed up the walls with plasterboard and our plasterer came in and spread our walls in the old fashioned way, which we like best. Another option could have been internal timber cladding.

The floor was one of the most important aspects and we wanted it to be striking so we used hand made Clay tiles from the Midlands. It had to be functional as well as beautiful so it could hold its own in a tough working environment. We pointed the floor with traditional Lime mortar for a better colour.

The rooflight is important so natural light can flood into the building in the daytime and provide a decent work environment.