London Garden Studios, Offices & ROOMS

Garden studios, garden rooms, garden offices, cabins or posh sheds... whatever you want to call them, these outdoor spaces are an attractive and affordable way to create an extra room for your home. We’ve built lots of garden studios and we specialise in bespoke projects, each one is different from the last and we don’t mass produce the same design in a factory. We meet with the client, work through their ideas and influences and then create a space catered for them.

Why Have a garden office or studio?

With the increase in popularity of working from home, we find many of our clients are looking to create their own professional working environment. Garden offices and studios offer just that and work out to be very cost-effective investments.

Studios work out cheaper than having an extension built and are less invasive. In most areas you don’t require planning permission for the design and build of these structures, this makes it an ideal way for extending your living space too!

Garden studios and offices can be built to your specific requirements, including all the comforts of your home. So if you are looking for heated flooring, down lighting and running water its all possible.

Interested in a garden studio or garden office for your own home? Please get in touch with us and we'll happily discuss your project requirements and share our ideas and expertise!