The Cart Lodge

Timber Frame Construction, Essex

This fine looking cart lodge in Essex was constructed for our client to provide sheltered parking in all weather. Mortise and tenon joints were used and supported with traditional corner braces (knees) and the oak frame sits on brickwork plinths to keep the moisture away. Finished with weatherboarding and natural slate tiles it looks pretty grand (even if we do say so ourselves). 

This was a 'ground up' build. We started by using the existing concrete base but cutting new areas for trenchfill foundations which support the brickwork plinth, at some points we had to dig the foundation down to 1800mm due to trees in close proximity and to meet building regs. Next we built the brick plinth from soft red bricks, the plinth means the timber frame sits away from the ground and moisture splashback.

Once the frame is erected the breather membrane goes on and you are at the first stage of waterproofing. Battons follow, then we used natural slate tiles on the roof and weatherboarding for the cladding. Just the details left now. Including it’s own circuit board the Cart Lodge was finished with crisp white ornate bargeboards and finial ‘heart’ detail borrowed from a property in the area.