General Building

General building is the hub of all construction. While the glorious finishing touches are everything, it's important to remember it all amounts to nothing without a proper foundation.

Structural Building

This is proper building. Without the best structural build any nice finishes on top are worth nothing. Timber framing is the mainstay of our business. We take care of all aspects of building, joinery and carpentry - working from the foundations up. If you want an Oak timber frame built, we can do it. Stud work for a bespoke unit, we can do it.  A Dormer extension, we can do it. We take care of the rough and tumble building work as well as all the internal finishes. For any specialist services like Zinc and Copper cladding, making doors & windows and so on we use trusted sub-contractors. However, we manage all these trades and take on the project manager role - it's all included in the price of the build we give you.


Once all the structural carpentry has been built you can begin to weatherproof from the top down.  Much of Britain uses natural slate tiles on the roof, an excellent choice and one we have used time and time again, a traditional pan tile is also an option as well as modern concrete tiles on a budget We can also finish with the much under valued flat roof – which in recent years has vastly improved its reputation with the advent of new technologies. Lead work and details are all taken care of by our team.


Eco, Sustainable or Green Homes

As timber frame builders, we're passionate about houses which use sustainable materials and far less energy than conventional building. Modern building standards must be met on efficiency and U-values. We also try to use as few cement products as possible as the Carbon footprint from cement production on the environment is huge.

Brick and Blockwork

Our resident bricky can cover it all. We construct a wide range of brickwork from heritage to modern, regularly using period bricks, from London Yellows to Soft Reds. We also know how to use Natural Lime properly! Not mixing it with cement.      If you have a period house it’s worth checking all your pointing and rendering is not done with cement as if you have damp issues this could be why. We cover these historical repairs and re-pointing.