We love timber. We will take care of your construction project from Oak timber frames to tree houses, beach huts, extensions, cart lodges, cladding, bespoke reclaim timber paneling or furniture. We have the skills, materials and ideas.

Carpentry 2nd Fix

2nd fix is all the internal works and joinery that are visble and need careful attention - it's the finish. It covers the internal timber work, hanging doors, skirting, architraves, fireplaces and so on.  The correct choice of timber is key: Do we need a long lasting Hardwood for the North face of the building? Do we need to choose a choice Pitch Pine to match those Victorian floorboards? Can we use an MDF for those cabinets to save on cash? We have the knowledge to advise you on the best suited timber for your house or project.

Reclaimed Timber Tables and Furniture

We currently source our table tops from 100 year old floor joists from a department store on Oxford street, or was it an old pub in the docklands? Wherever we source the timber from we can guarantee it'll be a one off, with a rich patina and once waxed, it'll be an original. All frames are constructed using mortice and tenon joins.



Often the best way to finish the envelope of a house and it can last a lifetime if the timber is right and it's installed correctly. We use Western Red Cedar shingles and tongue and groove profiled timber on a regular basis. These offer a very long lasting, beautiful timber for roofs and walls. Treated softwood is a cheaper option that still lasts. If it's something more interesting you are after then Oak is the King. We work with weatheredge boards that overlap to seal the project from water. Wayney edge timbers offer another, more natural, option.


Garden Furniture

We'll work with you to make what you want. Our creations so far include plantable benches, curved tree seats, and our ‘furniture-on-wheels’ - a great solution for catching those last few rays of evening sun as they work their way across your garden.

Horizontal Slatted Fencing

This is an excellent option on a budget; these simple yet good looking timbers can be constructed vertically or horizontally and offer a more tailored option to any space.