Japanese Style Garden


This is a lovely little Landscaping job in Peckham Rye, London. An impressive amount was done with the space. The outhouse works well as an office and to get there it’s a joy over the patio and up the Sandstone steps. The Oak sleepers are built low to the ground to add to the Japanese feel. Hats off to ‘Propagating Dan’ for the planting.

Georgian Garden

Restoration, London

Too often London houses and gardens get divided, which means the original hhistory behind the space gets lost.  In this case we had the opportunity to restore this garden to its Georgian roots. The urns act as the traditional  centrepiece, complemented by privet-hedge borders as a frame the hoggin (a favourite of the National Trust) path. On the main patio we used Yorkstone, it wasn't going to be any other way.

Gillespie Nature Reserve

Oak Play Area, London

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to work on big projects with great materials. Set in a North London nature reserve, we were commissioned to build a contemporary play area, using trusty English Oak. The bespoke carpentry for this public space included modern fencing at child-friendly height, shadowy walkways and giant pergolas. A dream project for our carpenters.