Meet the Team

Builders, carpenters, landscapers, roofers, electricians, bricklayers...


The Trew Turner team is led by Liam Turner, a carpenter builder who oversees all site operations. With 15 years of experience across the trades, Liam combines a passion for traditional craftsmanship with a straight forward approach to construction and carpentry. He is experienced in working with both period and contemporary buildings and grounds. He takes a keen interest in researching the heritage of the site and respecting this during construction. (Can be found... on site in a flat cap, spotting the cornerstone that gives away the building's origin.)


Devon is our resident Landscaper. He has many years experience working with timber, laying Yorkstone,  reclaim brickwork and generally sticking spades in the ground. (Can be found... laying Yorkstone Flags while wishing you a Good Morning.)



The Bricklayer. When we have 1000's of bricks to lay - Tim is the man. He started on building sites when he was all skin and bones and worked up. Now he lays ornate brickwork on a daily basis and doesn't stop moving. (Can be found .... with a bucket on his shoulder or clutching a trowel. Always a pleasure to have around.)



Malachai is Trew Turner's Carpentry apprentice. He combines study at college with timber work on site. Mali loves working with the joinery tools, taking a rough old piece of Oak and turning it into a beautiful window sill. (Can be found…sharpening the tools and nodding off in the van!)




Our resident electrician. Olly is experienced in finding a solution to any of your electrical needs. From providing atmospheric lighting on your outdoor deck, to wiring up a tree house, Olly will ensure the electricity services are fitted carefully and efficiently.(Can be found...rubbing his hands at the thought of switching it all on.



Bookkeeper, website designer and source of general wisdom. Charley puts a lot of work and puff in behind the scenes and keeps the business running smoothly. (Can be found... ''discussing'' best practice with Liam.)


Every good site needs a good labourer to keep things running - without them, work doesn't happen! Toddy is exactly this. He brings hard work and a can-do attitude. Approachable and reliable, Toddy is a pleasure to have on site. (Can be found... on site at dawn, cheery-faced and keen to get started.)




Ash is our roofer. He has almost 20 years experience working on roofs of all pitches in the U.K, France, New Zealand and Canada.  We turn to Ash for all finishes on all our roofs and no one knows them better. (Can be found....where else? Bouncing around on the roof.)