Reclaim Materials

At the yard we've collected many a rustic gem.

We have a well formed stock with some genuine one-offs.

 Stock pile  of terracotta Norfolk Pamments

Norfolk Pamments

We have a healthy stock of genuine Norfolk Pamments, these 100 year old terracotta tiles are 12'' square and very sought after.

Norfolk Pamments are a highly sought after terracotta type tile that originate from the heart of East Anglia. They are 12" square and the genuine article! We reclaimed them from Thorpe Lodge in Kensington, London. Thorpe Lodge is the last remaining building of The Philimore estate and is a Grade two listed building. The choice of them was instructed by the former governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman as The Lodge was his home. The Lodge is now within the grounds of Holland Park School, a very influential place sometimes named as "The Socialist Eton".

The Pamments would work well as an exterior terrace but would be best used as an interior floor for a kitchen or historic hallway pointed with Lime.

£13 each + VAT


Granite Setts

Lovely mixed Granite around 100mm. Lovely smoothed face that only age can do.

£170 per tonne + VAT

Soft Reds

A variation in sizes and colours but work well together.

£1 each + VAT

London Yellows

Reclaim London Yellows, a little rough in places but a good price.

£1 each + VAT