5 Amazing Uses for a Garden Studio

Garden studios are very trendy, and really versatile. Over recent years, their popularity has increased massively, and they are now becoming common place additions to back gardens up and down the country. As garden studios can be custom built to the needs of the individual, their uses are varied, and flexible. What is more, as garden studios are affordable, they offer excellent expansion opportunities for home owners looking to increase their living space. Garden studios, when well built, provide unrivalled places to play, work, or even entertain. Here are 5 of the top uses for a garden studio: 

Home office

With more and more people than ever before wanting to work from home in order to enable them to cut time spent commuting, and increase the time they have for leisure activities, and family, garden studios are becoming a very popular home office solution. Of course, home offices have been around for many years, but now garden studios have arrived, no longer does one of the rooms in the house need to be sacrificed, instead a dedicated space can be built. What is more, using a garden studio as a home office enables people to have separate work and home locations which can help boost productivity and reduce stress. 

Entertaining area

Garden studios can be built for almost any purpose. If you enjoy having friends over and you entertain on a regular basis then a garden studio with a bar area could be the answer for you. Just imagine the possibilities of having a garden studio with a bar! On warm summer evenings you could open up your garden studio and serve drinks from the bar; whilst in the winter you could close the doors, and put on a movie for you and your friends to enjoy with cocktails. Garden studios offer the ultimate option for entertainment flexibility and glamour. 

Home gym

Many people want to get on the health and fitness bandwagon, but struggle to find the time to get to the gym, or do any exercise in general. By getting a purpose built garden studio for a home gym it could be the answer to your health and fitness woes. Using a garden studio for a gym overcomes the issues of usual home gyms such as headroom and noise because the studio is located away from the house, and they can be built to accommodate your fitness equipment. You won’t be able to come up with any excuses about not exercising when you have your own home gym at the bottom of the garden! 

Relaxation room

It is always nice to have a place to go to when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A garden studio could offer you with a cosy option to relax, enabling you to retreat to your own purpose built area. Garden studios are not only likely quieter than any room in your current home due to their location, and level of insulation, but they can also be designed in almost any way you like, so can suit any taste, and garden size. 


Like many home offices typically tend to do, children’s playrooms can take over a room, or two in a family home. This is particularly restrictive if your home is small, or if you have a number of children! In order to control children’s toys, of course there are a number of storage solutions out there, but why not consider building a dedicated garden studio that you could use as a purpose built children’s play room. By getting a purpose built garden studio, you could create a completely safe, child friendly building, that would give you back space in your house. In the summer, it would also be great to open up the garden studio to enable your children to play both inside and outside.